Rehak Creative Services

Name: Rehak Creative Services Start Date: 1994 Current Location: Houston, TX, USA Website: Rehak Creative Services
Name: Rehak Creative Services
Start Date: 1994
Current Location: Houston, TX, USA
Website: Rehak Creative Services

Rehak Creative Services is a Houston, Texas, communications business that specializes in marketing, advertising and Web development. With a focus on creating unique, compelling campaigns, Rehak Creative Services has become a premier advertising and communications agency in Houston and the Southwest.

The firm was founded in 1994 by advertising veteran and respected creative director, Robert Rehak. Prior to forming Rehak Creative Services, Robert Rehak served as senior vice president of Ogilvy & Mather, one of the eight largest advertising agencies in the world.

Rehak Creative Services serves a wide range of clients, from small startup companies to massive Fortune 500 corporations. The company boasts a diverse client list that has included Hewlett-Packard, U.S. Concrete, Halliburton, ChevronPhillips, Chase and many more. Rehak Creative Services has ranked among the top 20 ad agencies in Houston almost from its inception.

Today, the great work of Rehak Creative Services has helped its founder achieve several prestigious awards, including twice being chosen by Adweek magazine as a Southwest Creative All-Star. Adweek also named Bob Rehak Copywriter of the Year twice. The agency itself has received numerous awards, including more than 100 ADDYs.

Creative services

Rehak Creative Services offers advertising and marketing communication services that help clients raise awareness, improve brand performance and ultimately, increase sales. The team at Rehak Creative Services develops a communications strategy for each client based on their strengths and needs as well as analyzing their competitors’ weaknesses. From this, the team creates a blueprint that the client can then use to steer and unify marketing efforts.

For its advertising clients, Rehak Creative Services provides print advertising, direct advertising, and online advertising services. The award-winning creative team behind Rehak Creative Services helps clients develop eye-catching advertising campaigns that stand out in their respective mediums. Leveraging years of combined experience, the team also helps orchestrate messaging in different mediums to maximize their clients’ returns on advertising and marketing communications.

Whether a business needs help with a brochure, trade show presentation, a website or photography, Rehak Creative Services has experience. The team at Rehak can create print and online materials that will consistently represent a company’s brand. Rehak Creative Services can partner with clients on widespread, consumer marketing efforts or targeted business-to-business efforts that take a company to the next level.

Rehak Creative Services also builds powerful websites for businesses so a company’s online presence stands out. Noting that websites are increasingly viewed on mobile devices, the team at Rehak also works with businesses to ensure existing sites are optimized for smartphones and tablets. As technology continues to change, clients come back to Rehak to update their websites to meet consumer demand.

Rehak Creative Services creates integrated campaigns that are more than the sum of individual messages. Each type of communication in a campaign is design to build on others to carefully answer prospects questions and information needs at each step of the purchase decision cycle.

For the websites, marketing communications and advertising that the firm creates, Rehak Creative Services offers a 4,000 square foot digital photography studio. By having its own photography studio on site, Rehak Creative Services can provide professional photography at competitive prices with fast turnaround times. Seconds after shooting photos, art directors can be retouching them and dropping them into layouts. This Rehak studio also saves clients the cost of purchasing the rights for stock photos to be used in publicity materials.

Rehak Creative Services is housed in a 20,000 square-foot facility on Glade Valley Drive in Houston. In 2001, the Texas Society of Architects acknowledged the building’s design as one of the best buildings in the state. The American Institute of Architects also issued an award to Rehak Creative Services for its building’s environmental design. The unique building features views of nature from every office, which inspires the many creative minds at Rehak Creative Services. Sails cover the windows on sunny days to conserve energy.

With a team of award-winning professionals, Rehak Creative Services continues to create some of the most innovative campaigns in the industry. In addition to its one-of-a-kind work, the team also contributes to the community, including work with children’s, veteran’s and environmental organizations.

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