Kale Flagg

Born: Jeffrey Kale Flagg
Alma mater: Yale University
April 13, 1967
Honolulu, HI, US
Residence: Reno, Nevada, US
Nationality: American
Website: Kale Flagg

Kale Flagg (b. April 13, 1967) is an American businessman currently residing in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Kale Flagg is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in real estate, sales, finance, business development and operations. He is currently the General Partner of the American Redevelopment Fund, LP & the Chief Operating Officer of Von Vesting, Inc.

Flagg graduated from Yale University in 1989 (yaleuniversity.org), where he was a member of the Yale Varsity Wrestling Team and the Yale Rugby Football Club.  Kale was also the Treasurer and House Chairman of the Beta Alpha Chapter of the Sigma Nu Fraternity (sigmanu.org).

J. Kale Flagg is a start-up and operations expert who in addition to real estate rental and flip funds has an ongoing management consulting enterprise (AZAS, LLC d.b.a. ReGenesis International, est. 1997) and commercial real estate projects (Flagg co-founded Stable Development, LLC with Lance Bradford in 2004).

Flagg became a member of Young President’s Organization (ypo.org) in July 2002.

J. Kale Flagg is also noted for being a sales seminar headliner and Top Money Earner & Trainer for multiple direct sales companies over the past two decades.

An avid outdoorsman, J. Kale Flagg is married with four children and was once very fluent in French, Russian and Hebrew.


Kale Flagg is currently involved with Stable Development, ReGenesis International, the American Redevelopment Fund and Von Vesting, Inc.  Stable Development offers business owners a hybrid ownership/lease method for business space purchase. Stable’s business plan allows companies to purchase their property via a shared equity agreement. Through the American Redevelopment Fund and Von Vesting Inc., J. Kale Flagg acquires and updates residential properties for both profit and community revitalization. ReGenesis International sells personal care, nutrition and water filtration products to a global clientele as well as offering CEO and COO-level strategic and management consulting for firms in multiple industries.

Notably, Flagg has been involved with many complex medical and class-A office real estate transactions including the Coronado Medical and Surgery Center in Henderson, NV and the Corporate Center at the Curve in Las Vegas, NV, which he owns with partners.

Early Life

J. Kale Flagg was born to Harry and Lynn Flagg in Honolulu, Hawaii although his early childhood was spent traveling Eastern & Western Europe and North Africa with his parents and siblings. Flagg spent four years during his adolescence living and travelling Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, England, Italy and Romania, Bulgaria & Hungary—with stops in Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. This early exposure to multiple cultures and religions allowed young Kale Flagg to develop a global perspective, learn multiple languages and afforded him the chance to know many people of extremely diverse economic and financial circumstances; plus affording the chance to make lifelong friends across the globe.

Kale Flagg attended Iolani High School in Honolulu, Hawaii and graduated among the top of his class as a Cum Laude in 1985. There he was an impressive athlete, including earning three-time state wrestling champion and four-time finalist. As a student, J. Kale Flagg was determined and focused, showing aptitude in many subjects. He was honored his senior year with the school’s exclusive Walter Goo Award, granted to the graduating class’s top student athlete.

Flagg matriculated from Yale University in 1989 and spent 2 years working for a financial consulting firm on Wall Street before migrating to direct sales and then commercial and residential real estate.

Early Career

Kale Flagg graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in Economics and Political Science. In 1991, as an Independent Business Owner with National Safety Associates (NSA), J. Kale Flagg earned his first national recognition in sales as a National Marketing Director for this $200mm/year firm. After NSA, Flagg went on to become the #3 Top Money Earner and Senior Sales Trainer for Equinox International where he helped the company achieve star status as Inc. Magazine’s #1 fastest growing privately held company in the United States in their Top 500 list.

In 1997, Kale Flagg left Equinox, along with approximately 19 of the other Top 20 Money Earners, and co-founded Trek Alliance, Inc. with three partners.  After two years of extensive tutelage at the feet of his CEO-of-35+-years father (Harry Flagg was founder & CEO of the publicly traded multi-million-dollar industry-creating icon Telecheck International in the 1960’s & 1970’s), Kale became CEO of Trek Alliance where he oversaw the company’s operations and helped service, train and grow their approximate 65,000+ sales organization of Independent Business Owners (IBOs).  While CEO, J. Kale Flagg continued to conduct extensive, recurrent sales, management and personal growth training seminars for groups of up to 15,000 independent business owners across the United States.

Mr. Flagg and Mr. and Mrs. Von Alvensleben, then officers of Trek Alliance, Inc., were among others, defendants in an action captioned FTC VS. Trek Alliance, Inc. et al, filed in December 2002 in United States District Court, Central District of California Case No. CV-02-9270.  Trek operated a multi-level marketing company that offered distributorships for independent contractors to market and sell various products.  The FTC alleged that the business of Trek violated the FTC Act and sought injunctive relief and money damages as consumer redress. The defendants vigorously denied the charges. On December 14th, 2005 the FTC, Mr. Flagg and Mr. and Mrs. Von Alvensleben each entered a Stipulated Final Order that settled all claims filed against them without finding of any guilt or liability for the charges asserted.  All obligations required under such settlements were fully performed.

Asked about the FTC litigation, Flagg has the following to say: “In my everyday business life, I talk about the FTC litigation openly.  It is something that’s really had a big impact on making me the man that I am today— it’s my truth and my reference point— it’s changed me forever— and it really has made me a much, much better person and businessman then I ever was before.  The learning, experience and perspective gained has been unequaled by anything else in my life to date.  I definitely wouldn’t want to re-live it, but the end reality is that the battle transformed me into 10x the businessperson I ever was before.”

Since 2002, Flagg has focused his professional interests in real estate, investments, operations and start-ups (he has been the COO or CEO of firms in travel, solar, the medical industry, consumer-goods, retail and residential and commercial real estate development).

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