Ellerslie Training

Ellerslie Training
Name: Ellerslie Training
Location: Windsor, CO
Website: www.ellerslietraining.com

Ellerslie Training is a Christian discipleship program helmed by bestselling author and pastor, Eric Ludy, with the support of an experienced team of pastors, counselors and teachers.  Ellerslie Training serves as the flagship ministry operation of Ellerslie Mission Society in Windsor, Colorado. The school is based upon a trimester system – fall, winter/spring and summer – that assists over 300 students each year in their pursuit of Biblical knowledge.

Ellerslie Training students who attend this Colorado oasis at the foot of the Rocky Mountains can expect an environment of both rigor and refreshment.

Ellerslie Training is designed around a nine-week model that enunciates four key pillars of Biblical thought and living: 1) The Authority of the Word of God, 2) The Power of the Gospel, 3) The Importance of Practical Application and 4) Living the Poured-out life for Jesus Christ.

Each day of the equipping of Ellerslie Training is organized logistically and spiritually to magnify the Person of Jesus Christ. The intent of Ellerslie Training is to offer an environment wholly focused on the Son of God, turning the gaze of every soul toward His majesty at every turn of every day for nine-straight weeks.

History of Ellerslie Training

Ellerslie Training was birthed out of seventeen straight years of praying. Eric Ludy, the school’s founder, wrote down the vision for the training model when he was twenty-two years old. And then handed it back to God. In 2009, Ludy launched registration for the inaugural Ellerslie Training program. The uncanny similarity of the current model for Ellerslie Training and the handwritten vision of Ludy from back in the early 1990’s is amazing.

And, whereas, the vision for Ellerslie Training has greatly expanded since its inception, the main drive has always been to create an environment in which students, hungry to know Jesus Christ, might find a set-apart place in which to pursue him undistracted for a season of their life. More information about Ellerslie Training can be found online at ellerslie.com/training-programs.

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