Aldo Disorbo

Born: Aldo Disorbo Current Residence: Margate, FL Nationality: American-Italian Website: Aldo Disorbo
Born: Aldo Disorbo
Current Residence: Margate, FL
Nationality: American-Italian
Website: Aldo Disorbo

Aldo Disorbo is a moving brokerage expert and entrepreneur based in South Florida. An analytical outlook and hard-working attitude have firmly established Aldo Disorbo as one of the leading entrepreneurs in South Florida. He has nearly three decades of experience in the moving industry.

Aldo Disorbo took the first steps in his successful career after he graduated from Coral Springs High School in 1986, when Aldo Disorbo began doing local moves in his truck, “Old Betsy.” What began as a way for a teenager to make extra money with his used F-350 pickup truck eventually blossomed into one of the most prominent moving empires in America. During the early stages of his career, Aldo Disorbo learned the necessary tools for success in customer service.

Aldo Disorbo opened his first professional venture, The Right Move, in 1988. The Coral Springs, Fla., business was an extension of his passion for assisting families moving into and around the entire South Florida area. These humble beginnings encouraged Aldo Disorbo in his efforts to be a trusted expert in the moving industry. Aldo Disorbo believes that the moving brokerage business can serve as the perfect way for independent movers to remain active and can give them the greatest chance of success.

The latest venture for Aldo Disorbo is Moving Squad, a moving company that offers a wide range of services. Their moving services include long-distance and local household moving, as well as storage for government, corporate, military and private clients. Moving Squad specializes in moving commercial and household goods to and from buildings, apartments and other residential homes.

Aldo Disorbo first presented Moving Squad as a local moving company, to be followed by an expansion across the United States. Aldo Disorbo hopes to launch Moving Squad as a successful franchise in more than 280 American cities.

In his spare time, Aldo Disorbo enjoys boating, skiing, making homemade pasta, traveling and studying his Italian roots.


After he sold The Right Move in the early 1990s, Aldo Disorbo embarked upon another exciting business venture with Eastern Van Lines. Eastern Van Lines enhanced the status of Aldo Disorbo as one of the premier business owners and entrepreneurs in South Florida.

Aldo Disorbo sold Eastern Van Lines in 1995 and soon founded American Van Lines. His primary focus during this endeavor was to promote American Van Lines in a variety of ways that were previously untested in the moving industry. Aldo Disorbo examined the fields of brand management and marketing to enhance his knowledge about best advertising practices. Plus, he only acquired the best-trained movers while offering affordable services to the South Florida area.

In 1998, Aldo Disorbo chose to expand his market and explore other options within the moving industry. He decided to give American Van Lines to his youngest brother in the hopes that the business would remain in the family. In the midst of this transition, Aldo Disorbo formed a business plan to found the first major moving brokerage in the United States. He based this decision on the fact that no company existed to facilitate and coordinate the moving process for families and individuals who needed a hands-on approach.

In March 2000, the sprawling vision of Aldo Disorbo came to life with the opening of Nationwide Relocation Services (NRS). During his lengthy tenure with NRS, Aldo Disorbo has influenced several moving brokerages with his innovative approach to the industry. NRS has helped more than 240,000 families relocate throughout the United States while maintaining quality relationships with esteemed carriers to provide a high level of service.

Most notably, Aldo Disorbo developed a software program called Mover Manager, which proved to be a revolutionary tool. Mover Manager monitors all contractors associated with NRS to ensure their compliance with all industry rules and regulations. Plus, Aldo Disorbo has devised a system that monitors all carriers who are part of the NRS network. For these remarkable technological advancements, Aldo Disorbo and the NRS team currently holds an excellent 87 percent customer satisfaction rating.

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