Ellerslie Mission Society

Ellerslie Mission Society
Name: Ellerslie Mission Society
Currently Located: Windsor, CO, USA
Website: http://ellerslie.com

Organizational Bio

Ellerslie Mission Society is a Christian training organization based in Windsor, Colorado.  Their flagship operation, Ellerslie Training, was built as a hybrid between a Bible college and a missionary training program.  With three nine-week semesters per year and approximately 250 students graduating annually, Ellerslie Training is designed to supply specialized discipleship towards the practical working out of a real and vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.  In the purposeful creation of a campus setting that is quiet, beautiful, and uniquely focused on the Person of Jesus Christ, Ellerslie Mission Society labors to cultivate in the students an intimate and clear comprehension of the Gospel, a deep understanding of the trustworthiness of Scripture, and a rich life of discipline around prayer and the diligent study of the Word of God.

In the Ellerslie Training program, prayer is incorporated into the daily routine. Students hear the Word of God often and learn to cherish its message. And as the training progresses, every student that traverses the curriculum is able to define the core message of Ellerslie Mission Society as simply, “the Person of Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross”.

Ellerslie Mission Society helps students to utilize Scripture in every aspect of their lives. At Ellerslie, the founders, pastors and instructors uphold the Word of God as the one and only answer for the challenges and complexities of students’ lives.

Ellerslie Mission Society builds its training around four key pillars.  1) The trustworthiness and the sufficiency of Scripture, 2) The fullness and power of the Gospel, 3) The cultivation of honor and real-world, Christ-like living, and 4) The outward focused life that gives, serves, and spends its energies on behalf of those in need.

Effectively wielding the various forms of social media, Ellerslie Mission Society has enjoyed multiple millions of website visits and video views of their acclaimed Ellerslie Short Films.

Situated at the foot of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains next to a shimmering lake, Ellerslie Mission Society offers students a unique locale in which to get to know God.  Only minutes from modern conveniences, the Ellerslie campus offers a rare combination of peace and practicality to its students.

Organizational Overview

Ellerslie Mission Society has been constructed on the premise that there is more to the Christian life than most of the rank and file believers of today have experienced.  And the passion to express this “more” is what makes the Ellerslie organization tick.

The Ellerslie Training model was systematically designed to build confidence in the Scriptures and to establish a clear and undeniable picture of the primary point of Scripture, Jesus Christ.  This is done in order that today’s Christians may have a spiritual foundation built upon something that they actually know personally, instead of something they have merely heard varying stories about.

The Christian life is made up of many different component parts, and Ellerslie Mission Society is interested in helping the Christians of today know how to coordinate these different moving parts into something that runs and operates as God promises in His Word.  For instance, faith, study, worship, grace, prayer, love, forgiveness, serving, and spiritual warfare are often things that Christians are aware of, but how they all tie together into a working operation is foreign to many believers today.  Ellerslie Mission Society specializes in what they term, “connecting the plumbing to the kitchen sink.”  They help Christians actually live it, or as they might say, they help them get water out of the sink when the faucet is turned on.

The lack of an actual working Christianity has led to much frustration and disillusionment amongst many believers today.  Ellerslie Mission Society says that this frustration and disillusionment is due to the lack of training and discipleship of new believers.  Ellerslie believes that few followers of Christ today ever had a proper foundation laid in their life to understand something as basic as how the Scriptures work and what the point of the entire Bible is.  In other words, they have a kitchen sink, but no plumbing connected to it.

In addition to the matters of the mind and heart, Ellerslie Mission Society also labors to target the matters of practical living.  For the idea pressed in the Ellerslie Training program is that the practical life of a believer ought to testify of the truthfulness of that which the Christian is believing.  In other words, the life of the Christian should show Jesus Christ’s behavior.  It should be marked by love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness.  It ought to practically be finding ways to help the poor, the orphan, and the destitute.

Pastor Eric Ludy is the president of Ellerslie Mission Society, as well as its teaching pastor. His wife, Leslie Ludy, In addition to her teaching duties at Ellerslie Mission Society, has a unique voice in the realm of Christian womanhood.  Her organization, Set Apart Girl, reaches women globally with its message of “returning to Christ-centered femininity” – offering a wide array of resources and educational materials for its large following. As committed and hard-working parents, the Ludys have a deep and abiding passion for the world of adoption, and have adopted four of their six children. And even with their large ministry responsibilities with Ellerslie Mission Society and its subsidiary operations, the Ludys are passionate that, amidst it all, family always comes first.

Pastor Eric Ludy and Leslie have been prominent ambassadors for wholehearted Christianity over the last two decades. As best-selling authors, public speakers and collegiate instructors, Eric and Leslie Ludy have seen their books translated into over a dozen languages. One title – When God Writes Your Love Story, published in 1999 – remains a gold standard among the most popular Christian relationship books today.

The Ludys have spread their message far and wide on media platforms across the country and over the past two decades have spoken on thousands of stages worldwide.  However, the work of Ellerslie Mission Society is their dearest passion and the labor that always calls them home.

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