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Quorum Productions
Company Name: Quorum Productions
Phone Number: (954) 571-5221
Current Residence: Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
Website: Quorum Productions

Quorum Productions is a television production studio and agency based out of Deerfield Beach, Florida. The firm specializes in branded information television and product demonstration filming.

Quorum Productions was founded to enhance the consumer television experience by producing quality, informative programming. By harnessing the collective power of some of the nation’s largest advertising agencies, corporations, television networks, and broadcast stations, Quorum Productions has made a name for itself as the premier provider of educational segmented airtime.

Quorum Productions is known throughout the industry for providing extraordinary service with a skilled staff that has the knowledge and expertise required to create, produce and distribute original programming. Throughout the company’s history, Quorum has relied on state-of-the-art production facilities and an outstanding team of professionals who are committed to setting industry standards by providing exceptional educational television. Every staff member at Quorum Productions is a leader in the field who remains abreast of contemporary issues, social trends, and hot topics that grab attention.

Through an intense creative process, Quorum Productions takes clients through every step needed to successfully complete their project. This includes consultation and idea conception through actor selection and airdate timing. The creative minds at Quorum Productions implement a full-scale print ad campaign to tie client products or services to the consumer’s television viewing experience. Magazines such as House Beautiful, Baby Talk, and Bally Total Fitness continue to have a large and loyal readership of shoppers who have shown a previous interest in the type of goods advertised in these publications.

Quorum Productions has been recognized as a television video production company to keep an eye on and are one of the most rapidly growing film producers in the United States. The company located itself strategically in an area with an eclectic group of brilliant actors amidst a landscape that could be utilized for its assortment of outdoor filming destinations. Florida, which boasts the oldest city in the U.S., is ripe with both untouched landscape and dotted with historical architecture. The diversity of land provides the perfect backdrop for year-round production.

Quorum Productions notes that Florida is also home to a number of professional athletes, trendy nightclubs, and shopping venues, and is one of the nation’s premier travel destinations.


Quorum Productions (quorumproductions.tv) provides clients a range of services from their studio in South Florida, including creative, set design, dialogue scripting, and sound mixing. The company has made filming an informational segment an affordable option for small to midsize businesses.

The Process

A Quorum Productions project coordinator is assigned to each client to ensure that all developmental materials are available including, but not limited to, sample products, logos and artwork, and product literature. A creative staff member evaluates these items to determine the best angle to present the product to an audience.

Clients are required to submit a scheduling fee to Quorum Productions to offset preproduction costs and secure exclusivity on the set. During the creative, filming and production processes, Quorum Productions assumes all costs relevant to media placement, advertising and online marketing. The scheduling fee, which is due within 30 days of project launch, is used alongside of private backing, sales revenues, and sponsorships to fund the expenses associated with commercial television.

After a production date is set, Quorum Productions issues a press release that outlines the new relationship and works to generate buzz and excitement around the featured product. This press release is filtered through more than 100 media outlets.

Prior to filming, Quorum Productions writers begin the creative process by developing a first draft of the segment. The press release and the segment script must be approved within 30 to 60 days for project continuation and distribution of press materials.

All Quorum Productions projects include all manpower and materials needed for completion from beginning to end. This will include creative scriptwriters, field producers, professional digital equipment, appropriate lighting, camera operators, grip personnel and directors. Production additionally includes graphic artists, music professionals, voice-over actors and program editing. Quorum Productions also cast select on-camera talent and secures distribution. All filming takes place within Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties. Clients are responsible for transportation to and from the shoot location.

Final products are typically six to eight minutes in length. Each piece is aired alongside three other products on a half-hour feature that follows a predetermined show schematic.

Creative platforms

Quorum Productions takes pride in creating programming that will not only educate and empower but also entertain the viewer by providing solutions for life’s everyday problems. The company has produced shows that have aired on Designing Spaces, Bon Voyage, Health & Lifestyle, W…The Women’s Show, and World Business Digest. These shows, along with magazines and other media outlets, provide Quorum Productions the most effective platforms for client video distribution and are a proven combination for effective brand marketing.

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