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Name: Roger Stanton  Date of Birth: August 2, 1975 Current Residence: Leonardtown, Maryland Alma mater: Arizona State University (B.S., psychology), Indiana University (Ph.D.)  Website: Roger Stanton
Name: Roger Stanton
Date of Birth: August 2, 1975
Current Residence: Leonardtown, Maryland
Alma mater: Arizona State University (B.S., psychology), Indiana University (Ph.D.)
Website: Roger Stanton

Roger Stanton is an associate professor at St. Mary College of Maryland in St. Mary’s City, Maryland.

Roger Stanton graduated from Dobson High School, located in Mesa, Arizona. He then attended Arizona State University in Tempe. While matriculating at Arizona State University, Roger Stanton was asked to work in the laboratory of Professor Don Homa, which stoked his interest in cognitive science.

After graduating from Arizona State University, Roger Stanton entered the prestigious Ph.D. program in psychology and cognitive science at Indiana University. There, Roger Stanton co-published six articles in collaboration with his doctoral advisor Dr. Robert Nosofsky. Under Dr. Nosofsky’s guidance, Roger Stanton learned how to develop and test mathematical models of specific cognitive processes.

Roger Stanton met his wife, Brandi, in 1993 when both were high school students. The couple was married in 2001, and now resides in rural southern Maryland. Roger Stanton states that his favorite hobbies are tennis and mountain biking.


Upon earning his Ph.D., Roger Stanton accepted his first professional job at St. Mary’s College as an assistant professor in the psychology department. After the spring semester of 2012, Roger Stanton was awarded tenure and promoted to the position of associate professor of psychology. His first-year seminar, titled “Human, Robot and Cyborg Minds,” has proven to be a popular one among St. Mary’s students.

While working at St. Mary’s College, Roger Stanton forged ahead with his extensive research in the field of category learning. Meanwhile, he served as the lead investigator for the Categories and Concepts Laboratory at St. Mary’s. In this position, Roger Stanton supervised research assistants and published several articles in category learning and presented this research at professional conferences.

To date, Roger Stanton has overseen eight students who served as research assistants in his lab, with all of them contributing to his assorted projects. In addition to offering presentation and publication experience for his dedicated students, Roger Stanton instructs them on experimental research design and holds regular meetings to discuss new findings. Roger Stanton also helps them better understand the plans and preliminary results of current projects, as well as peer reviews of manuscripts.

At St. Mary’s College, Roger Stanton has taught courses in a number of distinct areas such as cognitive psychology and cognitive science, as well as statistics and research methods. Meanwhile, Roger Stanton was the advisor of several senior honors theses.

Roger Stanton served as the chair of St. Mary’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) from 2010 – 2012. The IRB monitors and manages all research studies that involve the use of human participants, and also ensures that these studies comply with strict federal guidelines sanctioned by the Office of Human Research Protection. In this role, Roger Stanton examined nearly 150 proposal reviews each school year, and personally reviewed about 60 of those. He also supervised the student assistant, and trained and recruited all IRB members.

For a three-year period, Roger Stanton played an integral part in the academic environment of St. Mary’s as a statistical consultant in the psychology department. Roger Stanton assisted students with all activities related to statistical analysis while providing necessary guidance for faculty members.

In his research, Roger Stanton focuses primarily on mathematical models in psychology, category learning, inductive reasoning, distinctiveness effect, old-new recognition, theories of similarity, and categorization.

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