Green Water Technologies

Green Water Technologies

Name: Green Water Technologies
Founded: 2010
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Website: Green Water Technologies

About Green Water Technologies

Green Water Technologies is a General Electric (GE) Pro Elite distributor based in San Antonio, Texas. Created in 2010, Green Water Technologies has emerged as one of the region’s top water filtration companies, providing clean water to a wide range of homes and businesses throughout South Texas.

Green Water Technologies targets unconditioned water for a number of clients in San Antonio, a city that has experienced numerous problems with the presence of hard water. When left untreated, hard water can build a stubborn residue in kitchens and bathrooms, and can even etch certain glass surfaces. Meanwhile, mineral buildup found inside the water heater decreases both its energy efficiency and its life expectancy. Even worse, Green Water Technologies notes that unconditioned water has a negative effect on laundry, meaning towels are less absorbent and suffer from premature fabric failure.

Green Water Technologies has found that untreated water creates an undesirable environment where shampoos and soaps do not lather or rinse appropriately. Untreated water can also cause severe internal damage and decay to water-using appliances such as icemakers and dishwashers.

Developed by GE, the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System receives exclusive distribution in the San Antonio region from Green Water Technologies. The company’s licensed water treatment professionals are dedicated to installing the best water equipment while giving excellent customer service to its valued consumers.

Green Water Technologies suggests that potential clients schedule a free, no-hassle consultation. In some cases, they can offer financing to customers who qualify. Military and new homeowner discounts are also available.

Company History

The genesis of Green Water Technologies occurred in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina caused significant damage throughout Louisiana and Texas. Intent on assisting residents as they struggled to put the pieces of their lives and communities back together, the Green Water Technologies founder took a particular interest in water quality and soon began researching how to improve sanitation and filtration. In 2006, the Green Water Technologies founder relocated to Oklahoma City in order to train with a water products distribution company, and then moved to Dallas the next year as an independent consultant. There, he trained a team of salespeople on how to effectively market a series of water purification products.

In 2007, Green Water Technologies was granted a contract with General Electric to offer consulting services in Texas and eventually develop sales and distribution channels statewide. During that same year, the future owner of Green Water Technologies was able to secure a series of consumer finance agreements with major financial institutions like Carmel Financial, Preferred Credit, Dow and Bank of America to offer consumers inexpensive lending options in order to obtain water filtration products.

In 2010, Green Water Technologies was established. The company then acquired exclusive rights to market and distribute GE products in South Texas and the Hill Country. Shortly after its debut, Green Water Technologies purchased all of the current service contracts from Brevity Water, which was the parent company of now defunct Aquafuzion.

In 2010, Green Water Technologies became a member of the National Association of Homebuilders and the Greater San Antonio Business Association.

In 2011, Green Water Technologies received contracts for water purification with Red Robin Restaurants, Kirby’s Steakhouse and IHOP.

Green Water Technologies currently serves as an active member and participant in the Texas Water Quality Association, working diligently to improve standards and ethics for the water industry, particularly in the areas of service and sales.

For the benefit of Green Water Technologies clients, the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System is an extensive program that solves the troubling issue of water quality in a variety of homes and businesses. First, unconditioned water passes through a series of small resin beads. Then, any undesirable minerals attach to the surface of the resin beads. Green Water Technologies says that nearly all undesirable minerals are removed by the time the water reaches the bottom of the tank. In addition, the water passes through a sophisticated form of activated carbon removing chlorine and any other organic matter that causes the water to smell bad, taste bad and/or look bad.  Afterward, the conditioned water passes through the riser tube and eventually gets distributed throughout the property.

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Created on October 21, 2013