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Name: Integrity Spas Date Founded: 2007 Current Location: Leawood, Kansas, USA Website: Integrity Spas
Name: Integrity Spas
Date Founded: 2007
Current Location: Leawood, Kansas, USA
Website: Integrity Spas

Integrity Spas is the leading online retailer of custom-built, luxury spas in the United States. Based out of Leawood, Kan., Integrity Spas carries a complete line of portable spas that are carefully designed for both comfort and leisure. Integrity Spas gathers advice from orthopedic and medical professionals and engineers with a goal of creating a unique design and function for its hydrotherapy tubs.

Integrity Spas prides itself on its specially developed hydrotherapy jets, which come standard with any spa. These jets are positioned carefully for the best possible stress relief. Each spa has an interchangeable jet system that allows the clients to have water control in their units. Users will appreciate the variety of therapy zones that will be treated in an Integrity Spas tub.

All Integrity Spas tubs are equipped with an Advanced Technology Microprocessor, hailed as the most advanced control center of any spa currently on the market. The Advanced Technology Microprocessor includes user-friendly controls so clients can enjoy their spas without worry.

Integrity Spas manufactures and designs all spas and sells them directly to clients. Integrity Spas clients save more than half off retail price while receiving a truly unique luxury spa.

Integrity Spas is an Internet-based firm and takes the privacy of its clients’ information very seriously. All personal data entered into the Integrity Spas website is received through a secure network. This information can only be accessed by trained Integrity Spas personnel. Integrity Spas will not trade or transfer any client information to a third-party individual or company.


Integrity Spas sells hot tubs throughout the United States, in Canada and internationally. The expert staff boasts a total of more than 25 years of manufacturing experience with the most advanced technology available on the market. Integrity Spas provides a number of cabinet and acrylic colors, with other notable features such as foot jets, neck jets, waterfalls and TV/DVD entertainment systems.

Integrity Spas offers a number of luxury spa products, led by the Big Kahuna TV Hot Tub Spa. This popular unit includes more than 120 hydrotherapy water jets and will seat as many as 10 people comfortably. The Big Kahuna has a 42-inch pop-up waterproof HD LCD television with a built-in DVD player.

For users who prefer to keep play and exercise separate, Integrity Spas suggests the Grand Cayman Extreme Dual Zone Swim Spa and Hot Tub. The Grand Cayman includes lounge seating and four 6 HP wet end pumps. These pumps produce an incredible 237 gallons of water per minute each. Other notable amenities on this model are LED mood lighting and an optional LCD TV/DVD.

Integrity Spas users with limited space can still choose from a variety of design-efficient tubs. Integrity Spas carries the Paradise Hot Tub Spa, the Molokai Hot Tub Spa, the Montego Bay TV Hot Tub and the Antigua TV Hot Tub. All four of these models come equipped with a special feature: the Volcano Foot Jet, which is welcome relief for tired toes after a long, strenuous day.

The expert staff of professionals at Integrity Spas builds each tub to match client specifications. As an added feature, Integrity Spas provides a beautiful array of trimmings and custom finishes to give each unit a luxurious feel.

Integrity Spas does not create models that are the same as those around the neighborhood. These tubs are carefully crafted works of art developed by experienced technicians using the best materials available. Integrity Spas eliminates any confusion by letting clients control exactly how they want their products to look.

In addition to their hot tubs, Integrity Spas offers a full slate of custom spa accessories that include booster seats, detachable bars, aromatherapy and spa caddies. Integrity Spas provides its clients with the ability to improve their outdoor living arrangements with multiple dining and seating options. Integrity Spas also presents a wide array of indoor sports tables, featuring air hockey, foosball and other multifunction game tables.

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