Sophia Wong

Sophia Wong
Name: Sophia Wong
Current Residence: Irvine, CA

Sophia Wong, a YOR Health co-founder, continues to make a positive impact on the lives of many people right from her office in Irvine, California. Sophia Wong and YOR Health are committed to developing a sense of brand loyalty by creating a wide-ranging portfolio of nutrition products. Scientifically formulated and designed to improve wellbeing and performance, these products are continually enhanced, updated and reviewed based on the latest developments in the field of nutritional science. With these offerings, Sophia Wong and YOR Health are poised to set a new standard of excellence.

While many observers have been inspired by her accomplishments, Sophia Wong of YOR Health notes that the success comes largely as a result of her supporters’ belief and encouragement. Sophia Wong of YOR Health and her older brother Dennis Wong have garnered experience in a variety of industries, including real estate, direct marketing and online technology services. These motivated entrepreneurs found a perfect opportunity to support their fellow community members by creating an organization that has evolved into one of the most significant nutritional companies in the world. There are many different diet plans available to consumers around the world. Sophia Wong and YOR Health aim to bring clarity to this crowded marketplace with a clearly defined program that includes popular products like YOR Berry Blast, YOR Fiber Plus, YOR SuperGreens and YOR Shake.

Sophia Wong and YOR Health are transforming lives through premium quality products and a generous commitment to excellence. The company’s initiatives are designed to help people live healthier and more productive lives through ample opportunities for personal growth and community development.


Sophia Wong and YOR Health serve Customers and Independent Representatives in American and European markets, and have recently extended to include New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland. With a comprehensive and complete line of products, the company has improved the productivity and profitability of many communities throughout the world.

Sophia Wong of YOR Health is proud to serve her clientele by assembling a group of highly trained nutritional consultants who continue to appreciate and understand the art of nutrition. This desire to work hand-in-hand with proven industry experts is a sign of the company’s dedication to ever-changing methods and technologies. Sophia Wong and YOR Health offer a successful income stream for people who are motivated to introduce others to an extensive product line of meal supplements and nutritious shakes.

Behind this innovative new movement is the creative expertise of Sophia Wong who says YOR Health has allowed people to lead the lives that they deserve. In 2014, illness has become the number-one reason for personal bankruptcy. Bearing that in mind, Sophia Wong and YOR Health fill a need that is incredibly important in today’s society. It’s difficult to achieve success without feeling energized and enlightened on a daily basis. While Sophia Wong and YOR Health have promoted their brand and championed a mission of enhanced health through supplementation, the real power of Sophia Wong and YOR Health comes from the simplicity of their business model. The company uses the extensive knowledge of Sophia Wong and the YOR Health executive management team, which claims a roster of knowledgeable individuals who gladly assume their leadership roles and share their message with the global community. With an Athletic Advisory Board and Independent Representatives stationed throughout the world, the company is able to network with decision makers in numerous countries.

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