London Piano Institute

London Piano Institute
Name: London Piano Institute
Founded: 2011
Location: London, England

London Piano Institute is one of Europe’s most well-respected places for adults to learn to play the piano. The institute is a brainchild of master pianist and world-renowned adult piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert who welcomes students of all skill levels. When it comes to adult piano education, her expertise is second to none.

London Piano Institute teaches complete beginners, those with some childhood experience, and the intermediate level students who want fresh inspiration. London Piano Institute even accepts advanced players in need of that master’s touch to perfect their skills.

London Piano Institute primarily focuses on adult beginners frustrated or nervous because of the inadequate lessons they may have received earlier in life. Founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert believes that everyone has an ear for music to some degree and that anyone can learn how to play the piano successfully.

According to Celine Gaurier-Joubert of London Piano Institute no other field has experienced so many misunderstandings about learning as the field of piano. Gaurier-Joubert points out that many adults believe that they are tone-deaf and therefore cannot learn to play the instrument. She guarantees that anyone can learn to play the piano as long as they are willing to practice.

According to London Piano Institute, there are two important factors that contribute to a great piano education: an expert piano teacher and an established practice schedule. Motivation and passion are also important for learning how to play the piano successfully.

London Piano Institute attracts adults of all professions and ages who want to accomplish that long-held dream of becoming a competent piano player. London Piano Institute has taught diplomats, accountants, judges, pilots, physicians and more. Whatever profession the student is in, London Piano Institute guarantees that they will teach using correct technique right from the start. London Piano Institute is located in the heart of London, England. London Piano Institute attracts students from all over the U.K. to learn from adult piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert.

Educational services

London Piano Institute saves students money by not having to relearn how to play due to ineffective piano education. London Piano Institute believes that 80 percent of successful piano playing results from enthusiasm and a positive mindset. Adults studying the piano with London Piano Institute can be assured of learning proper procedure, sound analysis, and all the nuances that amount to great piano technique.

London Piano Institute offers instruction in a variety of styles: classical, jazz, pop, blues and rock. Students can choose from four piano lesson programs: Gold Piano, Ultimate Access, Deluxe Piano, and Platinum Piano. Programs vary from small group lessons to one-on-one formats, from 30 minutes of instruction to a 60-minute lesson. The London Piano Institute also provides regular student concerts and events for benefit and enjoyment. By participating in these concerts, students improve their playing and become better amateur pianists. However, students are never forced to play in concerts.

London Piano Institute was founded by accomplished pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert, who studied the piano for more than a decade in Paris at the feet of two of the world’s most demanding concert masters. These masters were her piano coaches, mentors and guides and taught her the most confidential knowledge and secrets of the piano. Gaurier-Joubert spent more than 30,000 hours practicing the piano and wants adult students at London Piano Institute to know the thrill of playing piano at a level that will amaze and entertain.

London Piano Institute helps students develop their sound, touch, technique and pianistic skills in a short period of time.

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