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Carmack Moving & Storage
Founded: 1985
Location: Centreville, VA, US
Website: Carmack Moving & Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage, founded in 1985 by Rob Carmack and located in Virginia’s Fairfax County, is the state’s leading provider of moving and storage services.  Offering over 28 years of experiences to its clients, Carmack Moving and Storage combines the most sophisticated equipment with a staff of fully-trained and friendly professionals. No matter how big or small the job, Carmack Moving and Storage has the right solution for each client.

Moving Solutions

The movers of Carmack Moving and Storage are trained with the most effective, efficient tools so that a client’s belongings are handled with care. A special emphasis is placed on family heirlooms and other items with historical or personal value. Movers make use of the best packing methods so that fragile items such as antiques and musical equipment are properly transferred for Carmack Moving and Storage clients.

The team at Carmack Moving and Storage has also implemented a complete marking and inventory system to ensure that items can be easily accessed. The Carmack Moving and Storage grounds are closely monitored to prevent theft. In the rare case of damage or loss, Carmack Moving and Storage will cover the cost of the item. Although the claims rate at Carmack Moving and Storage is quite negligible, clients are recommended to purchase extra valuation in case of travel-related accidents.

Climate Controlled Storage

At Carmack Moving and Storage, items are carefully stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Only the sturdiest packing materials examined by Carmack Moving and Storage executives are used when handling a client’s personal affects. Carmack Moving and Storage assures high quality at a great value, with prices lower than the market average.

Additional Services and Costs

Carmack Moving and Storage has a dedicated staff of professionals who offer home staging services. Home sellers and relators can take advantage of this opportunity, which includes a complimentary crate and a month of free storage at a Carmack Moving and Storage facility.

In addition to these attractive options, Carmack Moving and Storage provides first-rate relocation services for both residential and commercial clients. Interstate hauling is another option available through Carmack Moving and Storage.

Jobs are priced either per project or by the hour, based on the particular cargo weight. Carmack Moving and Storage will issue clients a free estimate. The customer service representatives of Carmack Moving and Storage guarantee a stress-free experience, with consistent communication throughout the process.

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