YOR Health

Name: YOR Health Founded: 2008 Location: Irvine, California, USA Website: YOR Health
Name: YOR Health
Founded: 2008
Location: Irvine, California, USA
Website: YOR Health

YOR Health is an Irvine, California health products company that specializes in meal-replacement shakes and supplements. The company uses a variety of promotions to introduce its products to customers around the world, including smart cars wrapped with company logos and wellness challenges.

With a primary mission to improve the health and wellness of citizens across the world, YORHealth has a presence in multiple countries. Each YOR Health product is sourced from a global search of the best ingredients, combining those ingredients to create high-quality foods, vitamins, and shakes. Likewise, each product is designed to improve the quality of life for its consumer through a balance of nutrients that increases energy and overall well-being.

Customer service is a priority for YOR Health and as a result, YORHealth has a loyal customer base that highly recommends the company’s products. These customers have achieved better health through both the use of its products and the health tips offered through the site, including the challenges the site offers on a regular basis. These challenges last for eight weeks, with prizes awarded at the end for those who show the most visible signs of success from using YOR Health products.

In addition to weight loss challenges in both the slim and sculpt category, YORHealth has smart cars that connect with customers throughout the world. These smart cars help share the company’s message of good health, furthering its mission to improve the health of citizens around the world. Through the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles, YOR Health further spreads its dedication to the health of people throughout the world.

To further provide support to YORHealth members, the company holds an annual conference where experts share fitness tips and members discuss the company’s products. These YOR Health conferences have brought celebrities, authors and even big names in sports to share information on improving overall health with attendees.

YOR Health also provides a magazine to share important product information and fitness tips with customers. Information about upcoming events is included in this publication, including conferences and regional events that can help customers meet others who share their interest in staying healthy and fit.

Company History

YOR Health was founded in 2008 by fitness-minded individuals who wanted to find a way to improve the health of citizens around the world. Today, an advisory council of some of the best scientific minds in the world ensures the company is always on the cutting edge of health science. YORHealth operates with a scientific advisory board, athletic advisory board, and global advisory board, all of whom work to uphold the company’s mission of changing the world “one person at a time.”

YOR Health is interested in helping people achieve better health, increased wealth, and having an improved self-awareness that helps them succeed in everything they do. In addition to providing products that improve the health of its customers, YORHealth also works to create and promote Independent Representatives (IRs), who help promote the products to other customers in their respective areas. In this sense, the company meets its goals of helping customers increase their wealth. Through encouraging its customers to share information about products and healthy living habits to others, the company feels it can more rapidly reach its goals of improving the health of people throughout the world.

In a social media world, YOR Health realizes the importance of social interaction in accomplishing goals. For this reason, the YORHealth encourages interaction in every step of its operations, providing conferences and meetings to help. Each of these events helps customers increase their involvement in the organization, allowing each customer to feel like they are part of the YOR Health mission to improve health and fitness worldwide.

YOR Health goes beyond simply providing nutritious products. The foundation of each of the company’s products is how each person’s body absorbs nutrients. YORHealth formulates each product to work with the body’s natural response, ensuring consumers receive maximum nutritional benefits. Through this, a person is able to better utilize the benefits of the foods and beverages YOR Health provides.

YORHealth also places an emphasis on fitness. Balance is important to the company and its customers, believing health is an overall lifestyle and not simply what a person consumes. Through its regular eight-week health challenges, YOR Health illustrates its commitment to health early-on by encouraging customers to work out and slim down. Throughout the challenge, participants are also taught to use the company’s products to become healthy and improve their body’s metabolism in conjunction with physical activity.

Believing its business model extends far beyond merely being a company, YORHealth emphasizes that it is a way of life. Each member of the YOR Health family is committed to improving the health of people everywhere through education and product improvement, knowing that through good health it can help extend the lives of people everywhere.

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