Weather Shield Windows

Weather Shield Windows
Name: Weather Shield Windows
Company Founded: 1955

Company History

In 1955, Weathershield Windows and Doors was founded by one man with a vision to offer homeowners premium quality, custom-made solutions to their door and window needs.

Weather Shield Windows and Doors founder Edward Schield started his business by hand-crafting hundreds of aluminum storm windows for residents throughout Central Wisconsin. As word spread about Weathershield Windows and Doors and the company’s built-to-last products, Schield felt compelled to expand the company to meet the increasing demands of the modern age.

These days, Weather Shield Windows and Doors is widely hailed as one of the leading providers of premium quality door and window products in the United States. With nearly 1,200 employees on staff, Weathershield Windows and Doors provides unparalleled design flexibility and presents every homeowner with a custom order to meet their distinct needs, whether for functionality or aesthetics.

The professionals at Weather Shield Windows and Doors manufacture window products for every design and budget. The Premium Series from Weather Shield Windows and Doors offers a variety of aluminum clad wood doors and windows that will provide builders, architects and homeowners premium quality product for the most detailed building designs.

Maintaining the philosophy that a family-owned company should be managed by the family, Weather Shield Windows and Doors has been a Schield success story for three generations. Since 1955, Weather Shield Windows and Doors has delivered quality and comfort to homes throughout the United States.

In 1999, Weathershield Windows and Doors became an avid supporter of its own nonprofit organization, LITE Foundation. To date, LITE Foundation has raised more than $1 million through funding between the company and its employees. The LITE Foundation is committed to empowering all people in the development of their gifts of treasure, talent and time.

Company Services

The Weathershield Windows and Doors Aspire Series consists of an extensive collection of vinyl clad patio doors and windows. They are air and water resistant and suitable for light commercial construction and residential use. The Aspire Series by Weather Shield Windows and Doors includes durable and long-lasting vinyl cladding on the sash and frames, designed to protect a home from all the elements.

Weathershield Windows and Doors offers the Signature Series with one eye on Mother Nature. This energy-efficient and eco-friendly line blends green living with dazzling style to create a wide range of design possibilities, all of which hold the trusted Weather Shield Windows and Doors titled.

The EnduraShield line by Weather Shield Windows and Doors continues the company’s emphasis on the environment. With a number of fiberglass-clad products, the EnduraShield line uses less energy in the manufacturing process and is built to stand the test of time.

Raising Weather Shield Windows and Doors above the rest of the competition has come as a result of an obsession with the little details. All Weathershield Windows and Doors products are accurately inspected and distributed only after a number of tests for functionality, quality and durability. Weather Shield Windows and Doors presents a diverse range of products that are free of all defects that could interfere with operation or outward appearance. For a reasonable price, Weathershield Windows and Doors offers consumers the products they need, from patio doors to kitchen windows.

Weather Shield Windows and Doors backs their products with decades of enduring functionality and beauty, and certain purchases may qualify business owners or homeowners for a number of incentives and rebates. Throughout the United States, local utilities and state governments regularly present cash incentives for individuals who take energy efficient measures in their businesses and homes. Some local municipalities and state government are presenting rebates in addition to these federal and national rebates.

Looking for LEED certification?  Weathershield Windows and Doors is recognized for excellent performance in the areas of water efficiency, stewardship of resources, energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction. Weather Shield Windows and Doors can contribute towards LEED points earned for your construction project through Innovation in Design Process, Indoor Environmental Quality, Materials and Resources, Energy and Atmosphere and Sustainable Sites. Weathershield Windows and Doors products are also made available with FSC chain-of-custody certification.

For more information, Weather Shield Windows and Doors has developed an extensive database that includes all of their products at the company’s website.

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