Phillip Elden

Phillip Elden
Name: Phillip Elden
Date of birth: April 17, 1975
Current residence: Cottage Grove, OR
Alma mater: University of Oregon
Website: Phillip Elden

Phillip Elden is an environmental activist and researcher based in Cottage Grove, Oregon. As the co-founder of conservation group Native Oregon, Phillip Elden has devoted his life to protecting Oregon’s natural environment, most notably its wildlife and indigenous forests. Additionally, Phillip Elden acts as the group’s conservation director, guiding their efforts to preserve a number of animal species that have been compromised within the current landscape.

An outdoors enthusiast, Phillip Elden demonstrates his love of nature as a key member of the Mazamas. The Mazamas is a West Coast mountain climbing group for beginners and experts alike. As a member, Phillip Elden has scaled the peaks of Mt. Hood, Broke Top and Three Sisters volcanoes, as well as his personal favorite, Mt. Jefferson.

Phillip Elden has lived in Oregon for his entire life. He grew up in McMinnville, the county seat of Yamhill County. Driven by a deep passion for environmental causes, Phillip Elden embarked on a career in the field of conservation. After finishing his general education program at Lane Community College, he transitioned into the geological sciences program at the University of Oregon. In his studies, Phillip Elden took a keen interest in the field of environmental geoscience.

To complete his coursework, Phillip Elden wrote a senior thesis concentrating on the interaction between humans and their surroundings and how this relationship affected the overall environment. As a result of his successful research, he graduated with honors near the top of his class.


In his first post-graduate job, Phillip Elden served as a research assistant at the University of Oregon for his former thesis professor. There, Phillip Elden focused his studies on the endangered regions of Oregon including the High Desert. He also took particular interest in the development of the Umpqua National Forest.

By offering his wide-ranging expertise, Phillip Elden has benefited a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Oregon. Phillip Elden is a regular contributor to A Greener Oregon, where he engages in conservation efforts along with assorted research projects. During these efforts, Phillip Elden presented his knowledge in logging and reforestation in order to educate his fellow group members.

Throughout his life, Phillip Elden has been keenly aware of the rich history associated with Crater Lake and Crater Lake National Park, and continues to spearhead conservation efforts in this precious region. Most recently, Phillip Elden led the efforts to quash plans for nearby logging.

An avid traveler, Phillip Elden can often be found visiting stops along the West Coast, steering away from the interstates and highways in favor of the scenic route. In his home state of Oregon, as well as Washington and California, Phillip Elden has climbed a number of famous peaks and continues to push himself toward greater heights. In early 2014, Phillip Elden will embark on a difficult training regimen as preparation for his climb up Mt. Rainier, a challenging endeavor that serves as one more step in his mission to ascend all of the glacial peaks located in the Cascade Range.

Phillip Elden is a proud resident of Cottage Grove, where he lives with his wife, Cindi. The two met on the tennis courts of the University of Oregon, where both were pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. Phillip Elden and Cindi continue to spend weekends perfecting their serves and volleys.

When he’s not climbing mountains or clocking forehands, Phillip Elden takes long hikes near Cottage Grove with the couple’s friendly and fun-loving Weimaraner, Jeff. Cindi and Phillip Elden adopted Jeff just a few weeks after Phillip Elden ascended Mt. Jefferson for the first time.

Phillip Elden shows his support for the animal population by volunteering for a number of pet-friendly organizations in his hometown of Cottage Grove and throughout the state of Oregon.

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