Nova Science Publishers

Nova Science Publishers
Name: Nova Science Publishers, Inc
Current Location: Hauppauge, NY
Website: Nova Science Publishers

Nova Science Publishers is a publishing company founded in 1985 to fulfill a demand for quality books and journals within the niche of academic research. Based in Hauppauge, New York on Long Island, Nova Science Publishers was founded by Frank H. Columbus, Jr. Each year, Nova Science Publishers shares over 1,500 new and exciting book titles with the academic community. In addition, the company produces videos, DVDs and online publications for a digital-savvy world.

Nova Science Publishers offers traditional print and electronic formats for its diverse international audience. As of 2014, the company publishes more than 100 journals in both academic and professional fields. The Nova Science Publishers book series – now at 370 entries – covers the subject areas of psychology, energy, biology, women’s studies, agriculture, philosophy, mathematics, history, health and more. The impressive and ever-growing network of academic advisors, authors, researchers, librarians, editors and readers in the Nova Science Publishers community continues its pursuit of the most recent news and developments in various research areas.

Upon the death of founder Frank H. Columbus, Jr. in late 2010, Nadya Gotsiridze-Columbus stepped into the position of Chief Executive Officer at Nova Science Publishers. Donna Dennis serves as the company’s Vice President and Editorial Director. Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Nova Science Publishers features two main suites with over 40 in-house employees. An experienced group of foreign and domestic freelancers is also associated with this publishing leader. Nova Science Publishers is currently divided into six departments: Billing, Acquisitions, Art, Editorial, Journals and Marketing.

Nova Publishers features a number of imprints to organize their new and existing titles. The Nova Publishers imprints include Nova, Nova Biomedical and Novinka Publications.


Throughout its three-decade history, Nova Science Publishers has excelled in a broad range of subject areas including computer science, genetics, engineering, agriculture, and financial research. Nova Science Publishers also features books in Biology and Science, Social Sciences and Medicine.

Nova Science Publishers continues to reach out to an international collection of academic, research and reference libraries while addressing the interests of domestic research libraries and laboratories as well. Nova Science Publishers markets all of its new and existing publications through Internet marketing and advertising, print advertising, specialty catalogs, electronic and print leaflets, and review copies. These materials are sent directly to libraries, academic institutions, book wholesalers, literary organizations and other relevant groups.

Paper and electronic leaflets from Nova Science Publishers are distributed globally to academic professors, department heads, department chairs, libraries, universities, colleges, literary groups and book wholesalers.

Each new book published by Nova Science Publishers goes to a number of recipients in the academic and media industries, including Technical Book News. Online booksellers and retailers – for example, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon – are provided with books and specialty catalogs. Nova Science Publishers has assembled a network of more than 1,200 independent booksellers and distributors who receive an electronic description of all the company’s titles.

The best-selling titles of Nova Publishers indicate the breadth and depth of the company’s offerings. Featured on the current Nova Publishers list are such diverse titles as Pharmacological Activity-Based Quality Control of Chinese Herbs, Grace Coolidge: Sudden Star, Weathered Crust Elution-Deposited Rare Earth Ores, School Improvement: International Perspectives, Algebra for Athletes: 2nd Edition, and My Loving Relationships. This ever-evolving library of quality publications has allowed Nova Publishers to reach new audiences and expand academic research around the world.

Nova Science Publishers engages in several academic book conferences, seminars and fairs in major world capitals like Beijing and London. Each October, the leadership team visits Frankfurt, Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair. In addition to the United States, Nova Science Publishers has also developed a collection of literary distributors in Asia, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. A detailed and up-to-date list of all literary distributors and agents in the Nova Science Publishers community is available on the company’s website and in their catalog.

The Nova Publishers website features notes and documents for authors to submit with entries, including copyright transfer forms, permission forms, offprint forms, manuscript forms, book idea forms, page proofs and order forms. Nova Publishers works closely with their authors and editors to ensure that all standards are met.

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