Kris Krohn, Strongbrook

Kris Krohn
Name: Kris Krohn
Date of Birth: 9/24/1979
Location of Birth: Orem, UT
Current Residence: Orem, UT
Alma mater: Brigham Young University

Kris Krohn, Strongbrook co-founder, is a prominent real estate professional based in Utah. Krohn owns more than 400 properties nationwide. Under the supervision of Kris Krohn, the Strongbrook team works tirelessly to advance the financial portfolios of all clients. Kris Krohn of Strongbrook firmly believes that his primary mission is to serve as a role model for team members. The Strongbrook Group’s services include asset protection, management and wealth accumulation, along with several other real estate activities.

Kris Krohn and the Strongbrook family of companies instruct clients on the most prudent action for creating wealth. Kris Krohn, Strongbrook co-founder, acts as a dynamic force to help his teammates achieve their goals. Directed by Kris Krohn, Strongbrook educational materials are focused on the latest real estate investment news and trends, as well as useful tips for both investors and the general public. His contemporaries credit Kris Krohn and the Strongbrook organization for serving the U.S. population as intelligent real estate investment professionals who remain ahead of industry competitors due to their intelligent tactics.

Kris Krohn of Strongbrook guides clients in the accumulation of investment properties, through Strongbrook Real Estate Investment Company (REIC). Kris Krohn and Strongbrook REIC work in tandem with other Strongbrook companies to build a support system assisting clients to implement best practices into their financial program. Kris Krohn and Strongbrook have assisted countless individuals and families in their efforts to achieve financial independence.


Setting Kris Krohn and Strongbrook apart from the rest of the real estate investment industry is Krohn’s efforts to improve the American economy. He firmly believes that all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, have something unique to offer in their collaboration with a team of knowledgeable partners to establish a real estate portfolio. In a struggling market, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook assists people in creating funds and planning for the future. By encouraging a variety of partnership opportunities, Kris Krohn and the Strongbrook organization are true innovators in the area of real estate investment.

Kris Krohn of Strongbrook was not originally motivated to join the real estate field. In fact, his four years at Brigham Young University were focused on family and marriage counseling. There, he received a degree in a B.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling.

Today, Kris Krohn and Strongbrook remain wholly committed to helping people live out their dreams by participating in well-considered real estate activities. In all endeavors, Kris Krohn and Strongbrook ensure that investors will create opportunities to positively affect those who inhabit the investments – their families.

According to Kris Krohn, Strongbrook was developed as a result of his experiences in real estate. He has expressed a desire to show clients the potential of using investment property as a way toward financial freedom.

In addition to his investing activities, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook is a public speaker and author. His highly acclaimed works include The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth, which teaches investors how to build effective and highly efficient investment programs.

For Kris Krohn of Strongbrook, work is just one small aspect of his richly fulfilling life. He is a loving husband and father of four. The Krohn family resides in Orem, Utah. In his spare time, Kris Krohn of Strongbrook enjoys pursuing his favorite hobbies: playing tennis, reading and traveling.

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