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HomeLife Warranty Protection Current Residence: Gilbert, AZ Website: HomeLife Warranty Protection
HomeLife Warranty Protection
Current Location: Gilbert, AZ
Website: HomeLife Warranty Protection

HomeLife Warranty Protection (est. 2003) is an Arizona-based home warranty provider founded by local businesswoman Nicole Roehl. The company is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, and serves multiple communities throughout the southwestern United States.


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HomeLife Warranty Protection offered its first home warranty policies to members of the real estate community in 2003. At the time, Gilbert was listed as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and demand for home warranties for new home purchases was high. Roehl determined the best way to serve the market was to offer products at the real estate transaction level. HomeLife Warranty Protection soon became a household name, being written into hundreds of home sale contracts by the end of 2004.

Over the next two years, HomeLife Warranty Protection refined its service offerings, taking suggestions from industry leaders and the homeowners the company served. By listening to demand early on, HomeLife Warranty Protection positioned itself for growth. A scalable business model reduced growing pains for the company’s employees and customers.

In 2006, HomeLife Warranty Protection expanded to Nevada and later Texas, where the company’s comprehensive warranties began to attract existing homeowners. This new market segment allowed HLWP an advantage as economic instability swept the nation. By 2007, the real estate market was in jeopardy and nearly all local home warranty providers closed their doors. In contrast, HomeLife Warranty Protection was able to expand by catering to homeowners who wanted to protect their then-uncertain investments. Customer referrals began pouring in and HomeLife Warranty Protection began adapting to its ever-expanding customer base.

In 2008, HomeLife Warranty Protection began offering a Rate Lock Guarantee to new customers. This bold move helped the company achieve a 95% renewal rate and worked to prevent lapse-of-coverage claims denials. Word got out about this new program and HomeLife Warranty Protection policies exploded in popularity. As a result, HLWP realized a 20-40% gross revenue increase for the next four consecutive years. This success encouraged HomeLife Warranty Protection founder Nicole Roehl to redefine her company’s goals and laser-focus on the most popular appliance and equipment packages.

In 2016, HomeLife Warranty Protection unveiled a new logo and company slogan. The new motto reads, “Your Home. Our Life.” This updated wording best reflects HLWP’s dedication to its customers.


writingHomeLife Warranty Protection underwrites home warranty policies for homeowners throughout the Southwest. The company partners with local service companies to provide customers timely service and verified licensed and insured technicians. Having a large network of tradesmen and women allows HomeLife Warranty Protection to react to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Basic Product Coverage

A Basic Product Coverage package from HomeLife Warranty Protection covers some of the most breakage-prone systems and appliances in the home. Electrical system coverage includes whole house fans, including ceiling and attic; all interior wiring; electrical outlets; and light switches, including single pole, three-way switch, four-way switch, multi-location switch, and dimmers. HomeLife Warranty Protection also provides coverage for all components of the home’s garage door opener including capacitor, logic board, gear and motor assembly, and power unit. Central vacuum coverage by HomeLife Warranty Protection includes electrical and motorized components and canister. While the plan is the most basic offered by HomeLife Warranty Protection, it is not a bare bones agreement and provides comprehensive protection for homeowners that remain diligent in the care of their home and property.  

An optional product, plumbing system coverage by HomeLife Warranty Protection is inclusive of a broad range of plumbing-related appliances and components including, but not limited to, the hot water heater, sump pump, recirculating pump, toilets, and garbage disposal. HomeLife Warranty Protection also offers coverages for the majority of mainline stoppages when pipes can be easily accessed through an existing ground-level cleanout. This is an added value for customers, since mainline stoppages are not covered under most home warranty agreements. HomeLife Warranty Protection strives to go above and beyond for its customers.

Built into the Basic Product Coverage contract from HomeLife Warranty Protection are the following appliances – dishwasher, trash compactor, kitchen exhaust fan, microwave oven, and oven including cooktop and range. For these systems, HomeLife Warranty Protection will repair or replace covered components that have been properly maintained and were in good working order as of the contract effective date. Properly maintained appliances are those which have been inspected and serviced regularly and have not failed due to neglect or unauthorized usage.

Prestige Product Coverage

The HomeLife Warranty Protection Prestige Coverage plan includes everything listed in the Basic Coverage Package plus the home’s cooling and warming systems. This ample home appliance package helps protect homeowners against heating and cooling system failures on units up to five tons. Notably, HomeLife Warranty Protection does not limit the number of heating and cooling systems covered under one warranty; the company does not require additional contracts for secondary units. This is a cost savings for customers with larger homes or separate living areas, such as an in-law suite or finished basement.

Lifestyle coverage

As a value to customers, HomeLife Warranty Protection provides additional product coverages for services and appliances not listed in the Basic or Prestige Coverage Packages.

Elite Product Coverage

Elite Product Coverage by HomeLife Warranty Protection includes ductwork up to $500; dishwasher racks, baskets, and rollers; hardwired and battery-operated smoke detectors; additional plumbing implements including showerheads, toilet lids and seats, expansion tanks, and faucets.

Optional coverage is available for the washer and dryer to include the heating element, tub, timer, pump, motor, belts, and hose bib for the washer. Washer and dryer coverage essentially works to assure that a homeowner’s laundry equipment remains operational.

Additional coveragesHappy Family

Supplemental coverage for water softening systems, roof leak repair, control boards and modules, sprinkler systems, and septic systems are also provided by HomeLife Warranty Protection. Opulent Appliance Coverage (high end appliances) along with protection plans for leisure items, including pool and spa equipment, can also be written into a homeowner’s coverage policy.

Master tune-up service

HomeLife Warranty Protection offers seasonal heating and cooling system service, which is not available in all areas. Heating and cooling service includes up to two pounds of refrigerant, if needed, and a thorough evaluation of the equipment in question.

Service requests

HomeLife Warranty Protection is open around the clock 365 days per year to schedule service requests and answer questions regarding home warranty agreements. Upon approval of a home warranty contract, customers are provided access to an exclusive telephone number to reach a live person in regards to their claim. Alternately, customers with non-emergency needs may contact the service department via a simple online form.

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