Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew
Born: Douglas Andrew
Current Residence: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Nationality: American
Website: Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew is a New York Times best-selling author, the founder and owner of Paramount Financial Services, and an experienced retirement planning advisor and financial strategist who specializes in asset optimization across a wide variety of portfolios and investments. His latest book, Millionaire by Thirty, is co-authored with his sons Emron and Aaron (themselves millionaires in their 20s) and has been described as “a classic account of the quickest route to early financial independence.”  Topics addressed include proper asset organization and principles of financial responsibility.

Douglas Andrew is the creator of the Missed Fortune True Asset Optimization program. With over 30 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of estate planning, financial planning, economics and accounting, Douglas Andrew has authored the successful book series Missed Fortune, Missed Fortune 101, Millionaire by Thirty and Last Chance Millionaire.

Douglas Andrew is also a recognized public speaker who hosts seminars and symposiums throughout North America.  Through the Missed Fortune series, Douglas Andrew informs savvy investors about why tax-advantaged savings strategies are essential to securing a comfortable retirement.

An effective communicator, Douglas Andrew has the capacity to deconstruct complex financial concepts and describe them in ways that clients can understand and apply to their personal financial situations. Douglas Andrew educates clients on powerful equity management strategies and ways that unused assets can be utilized for maximum wealth generation.


Missed Fortune is a financial system born out of the personal experiences of Douglas Andrew.  Three decades ago, Andrew was achieving success when a series of unfortunate events led to the loss of his home and threatened his dreams of a secure future for his growing family.   Douglas Andrew faced his fears and began to explore ways to restore and stabilize his income and create a financial foundation upon which to build for the future.

Douglas Andrew taught these ideas to his own family who quickly put them to good use.  Today, Douglas Andrew heads Paramount Financial Services with his two sons, both of whom became millionaires in their own right by applying their father’s methods and techniques.

Their book, Millionaire By Thirty, has proven to be a primer for building wealth with an added value — it explains how strong relationships, emotional security and a good balance between work and life impact everyone’s ability to manage their finances, no matter their age.

In addition to his achievements as a financial strategist and author, Douglas Andrew is also a popular speaker. In one of his best-known seminars, he focuses on the young adult generation, educating those under 35 on the most common financial mistakes affecting long-term wealth accumulation. Douglas Andrew believes is it essential to teach this emerging demographic the principles of financial responsibility and in the seminar he reveals in detail why they cannot rely on government programs or employer funded retirement plans to provide for them into their later years.

In other presentations, Douglas Andrew focuses on the difference between preferred and non-preferred debt and addresses assumptions held by most Americans today who do not understand the basics of taxes and paycheck withholding; automatically assuming that putting money in IRAs and 401(k) is the best way to save for retirement.

Douglas Andrew is a realistic but confident purveyor of financial realities – with strategies to capitalize on the uncertainties every investor faces. Andrew is notable for recognizing a “scarcity mentality that grips many people, assuming that for them to succeed others must fail.  The many users of the method Douglas Andrew has pioneered give him credit for showing them how to generate and protect wealth and provide them with the most net spendable income over a lifetime.  Through personal experience, Andrew has also learned to help others focus on the most important item on the “family balance sheet,” relationships over money.

More information about Douglas Andrew or Paramount Financial Services, including the Missed Fortune Asset Optimization program materials and audio discs, may be found at   Douglas Andrew and his family live in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is also the home of Paramount Financial Services, founded in 1974 and a BBB Accredited Business.

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