Donald Leon Farrow

Born: Donald Leon Farrow
Date of Birth: December 24th, 1960
Location of Birth: Cicero, Illiinois
Current Residence: South Haven, MI, USA
Nationality: Caucasian
Alma mater: Eastern Michigan University

Donald Leon Farrow, PE, SE, LEED AP, (b. December 24, 1960) is approaching retirement, having earned the ability to work at his discretion as a consultant and general contractor. Previously, Donald was a regional leader of engineering, structural engineer and Vice President at Yamasaki Associates, based in Troy, Michigan.

Donald has worked on a wide range of building projects throughout the northeastern US, ranging from large-scale production facilities and multidisciplinary projects, to large residential projects. Donald Leon Farrow is recognized for his ability to create solutions that are structurally beautiful living spaces, rooted in value engineering and sustainable urban design.

Growing up, Donald Leon Farrow was inspired toward structural engineering and architecture by a cartoon “The Jetsons”. To Donald this was a glimpse of the possible that he wanted to understand. Donald Leon Farrow considered how the architecture and technology fostered the lives of participating residents, and this effect on the lives of those not living in the sky.


This interest led Donald Leon Farrow from his hometown of Cicero, Illinois, to Eastern Michigan University, where Donald Leon Farrow graduated cum laude with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and an Associate Degree in CADD Engineering Technology. Following this success, Donald Leon Farrow earned his Masters in Architecture from the Chicago College of Architecture and the Arts.

Donald completed intern study requirements with the Cullinan Engineering Co. of Massachusetts, the Dirk Lohan Group in Chicago, and with A2SO4 Architecture LLC, in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he worked on projects at the Indianapolis Airport. Upon completion of this work, Donald Leon Farrow spent a year abroad in Rome, studying Classical Architecture and traveling throughout Europe.

Since his return, Donald Leon Farrow has spent over 25 years in leadership roles rising through engineering design, architect, project management and managing principal roles, fostering the creative direction for engineering and architectural design teams.

Donald has reached beyond his career to improve conditions from a humanitarian perspective. Donald Leon Farrow is an animal advocate and a dedicated pet-owner. Since 2006 he has worked as a volunteer with animal rescue agencies at the local level, and a fundraiser for animal welfare agencies at the national level. Donald believes that as we show compassion to animals, we cultivate compassion for each other.

Donald Leon Farrow lives in South Haven, Michigan with his wife. He has one daughter in college, and two younger sisters; one is a Pastry Chef living in Marseille, France, and the other a Podiatrist living in Portland, Oregon.