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Name: Derrick Strauss Date of Birth: August 26th, 1968 Current Residence: Greenwood Village, CO, USA Alma mater: Harlaxton College Website: Derrick Strauss
Name: Derrick Strauss
Date of Birth: August 26th, 1968
Current Residence: Greenwood Village, CO, USA
Alma mater: Harlaxton College
Website: Derrick Strauss

Derrick Strauss (born August 26, 1968) is an American businessman specializing in the real estate market. Originally from New Jersey, he currently lives in Greenwood Village, Colo., where he manages the marketing efforts of All Western Mortgage, located in Denver.

After attending high school in his New Jersey hometown, Derrick Strauss left for the beauty of New England once he reached college age. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a political science degree. Prior to graduation, however, Derrick Strauss had the privilege of spending time in Europe for a semester, attending Harlaxton College. Located in Lincolnshire, England, Harlaxton College is the British campus of the University of Evansville. His semester abroad was an experience Derrick Strauss believes helped form the businessman he is today.

When he reached his 20s, Derrick Strauss spent a brief time in Vermont, where he discovered a love for various winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are particularly popular in Vermont, with 17 ski resorts in Vermont’s Green Mountains. During his vacation, Derrick Strauss discovered the state was a growing region, with plenty of opportunities within the real estate market. Vermont is part of beautiful New England and gives residents access to the mountains for the outdoor activities Strauss enjoys.

Deciding he wanted to live in the area, Derrick Strauss moved out West, where he gained easier access to skiing during his leisure time, as well as backpacking and hiking. Today, Derrick Strauss shares these activities with his wife and children, who have also developed a love for the great outdoors. When he isn’t busy exploring the mountains, Strauss simply enjoys being near the beautiful views of the Rockies.


Derrick Strauss began his career in sales, accepting an outside sales position with the Ricoh Corporation for its copier division. During his time with Ricoh, Derrick Strauss made a favorable impression on his fellow workers, receiving several recognitions as top salesman.

This experience served Derrick Strauss well in his next endeavor, when he joined the medical industry. As a representative for DePuy Orthopaedics, Derrick Strauss traveled around the various boroughs of New York City, including Brooklyn and Queens. During his time with DePuy, Derrick Strauss put together the operations for two of DuPuy’s divisions and assisted with surgery preparations.

In 1995, desiring to live close to the mountains, Derrick Strauss relocated out West, where he began his real estate career. In his early years in real estate, Derrick Strauss forged career-changing relationships with experts in the industry, inspiring him to co-found Colorado Home Funding in 1998. In a short time, Colorado Home Funding took off, eventually growing to 30 team members and gaining recognition as one of the top real estate businesses in Denver.

After three successful years with Colorado Home Funding, Derrick Strauss moved on to the next phase of his career. His partnership with All Western Mortgage was formed in 2011 and continues to thrive today. With more than 30 years in the business, All Western Mortgage assists homeowners across the country with mortgages, refinancing and private loans, providing top-notch customer service that sets the company apart from other lending organizations. Derrick Strauss recognized right away that All Western Mortgage was ahead of the curve when it came to applying technology to the traditional loan experience. He knew that if he combined his marketing knowledge with the team’s mortgage capabilities, the company would reach new heights.

Today, All Western Mortgage serves customers throughout the Southwest, with a staff of more than 40 employees. Derrick Strauss constantly hones the company’s marketing strategy to better serve its customers.

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