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Dennis Wong
Born: Dennis Wong
Location of Birth: Hong Kong
Current Residence: Irvine, CA, USA

Dennis Wong is the co-founder of YOR Health, a direct marketing company based in Irvine, California. YOR Health provides nutritional products to a global clientele. Dennis Wong was born in Hong Kong where he lived in government-run projects in one of the world’s most crowded cities. His family was very poor and shared one room with others. According to Dennis Wong, his mother was his best friend, his father was seldom around, and the family struggled just to make ends meet.

In 1968, Dennis Wong and his family immigrated to California after an uncle had convinced Wong’s mother that America would offer the family an opportunity for a better life. Dennis Wong remembers that the family was allowed to move into a predominantly white neighborhood despite the widespread segregation so common in the 1960s. Still, life in the United States was difficult for Dennis Wong. YOR Health had not yet been founded and his family could not afford simple luxuries, such as snack time at school.

Young Dennis Wong, YOR Health still years away, decided to enroll in college at the age of 22 to study electrical engineering. However, after graduating into a job market glutted with electrical engineers, Dennis Wong and his younger sister blindly entered the real estate market. Providentially, several wealthy businessmen took a liking to the siblings and guided them through the often difficult-to-understand real estate market. In a few short years Dennis Wong joined the ranks of self-made millionaires before his 30th birthday.

However, Dennis Wong soon sought a new challenge. In 2000, he co-founded a company selling Internet technology services. After seven years concentrating primarily on voice-over IP products and services, Dennis Wong began experiencing declining health and, as a result, started investigating nutritional products.

Through his research, Dennis Wong and his sister made the acquaintance of premier product manufacturers in the nutritional supplements industry. The siblings negotiated agreements with the manufacturers, and at that time, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health was born. The company quickly became successful.


The story of Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the young immigrant’s real estate success serves as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs in America. Growing up, Dennis Wong had no mentors and felt no one could give him a straight answer on how to become successful. Today, Dennis Wong is happy to share his knowledge and experience as to what he has found to be the keys to success.

After coming to America at age 6, by age 22 Dennis Wong was in crisis, running with a bad crowd and having no idea what his purpose in life was. He enrolled in college and majored in electrical engineering because, at the time, that’s what was expected in Chinese-American culture—to either become an engineer, architect, doctor or lawyer. Because of ADHD, Dennis Wong struggled at school and felt he had to work four times harder than everyone else.

_DSC0059_resizeTo add to his challenges, by the time he graduated, electrical engineering jobs were hard to find due to the end of the “Star Wars” defense program and the influx of many electrical engineers into the workforce. Therefore, he decided to join his entrepreneur sister in real estate development in the mid-1980s where together they were very successful. Dennis Wong, YOR Health future co-founder, embarked on a career in real estate with $30,000 in school debt, but within a few short years had become a millionaire. By 1996, he became disenchanted with the demanding lifestyle, and moved into direct marketing. In 2000, Dennis Wong and his sister began selling Internet technology services such as Web hosting, email, dial-up service and eventually, voice-over Internet.

In 2004, at age 38, Dennis Wong was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and heart disease, including extreme plaque build-up in his arteries similar to that of a 90-year-old. This diagnosis brought feelings of devastation and fear and he tried to escape by simply ignoring the facts and focusing on his business, recalls Dennis Wong. But by 2007, voice-over Internet was no longer a sustainable product to market. This new reality and coming to terms with his failing health motivated him to look for a new business opportunity. Since he had been investigating nutritional health for his own personal issues, that career became the obvious choice. Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the global change that has taken the world by storm were on the horizon.

After strenuous research, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, encountered a product development manufacturer who was at one time co-founder of the largest direct-sales nutritional company in the world. This individual was looking for a new marketing partner and Dennis Wong was looking for nutritional products. The match produced instant success, but more importantly, he was able to provide financial stability for himself and his employees, as well as finding nutritional balance that resulted in a healthier lifestyle.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder credits the immediate achievements of YOR Health to a global need for a superior nutritional company. He says he feels blessed to have found financial independence, health and well-being through a company that he is proud to share with anyone who is interested in changing his or her life for the better.


Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s team of experts have made a concerted effort over the last six years to communicate directly with health-savvy consumers who want to lose weight, get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients into a daily diet, these individuals are able to put their best foot forward. In today’s competitive business world, Dennis Wong and YOR Health continue to stand out from the rest of the nutrition industry through hard work and diligence.

With team spirit at the forefront of their daily operations, Dennis Wong and the YOR Health team have created a product line within the context of a family atmosphere that inspires people to join together in unity. A prime example of this chief focus is the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, offered multiple times throughout the year for the convenience of YOR Health’s worldwide base of consumers. Dennis Wong and YOR Health present the winners of this popular event with a bevy of cash prizes, free products and other gifts. On the company’s website, participants in the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge are asked to share their inspirational stories of triumph as a way to influence others in their health and wellness journey.


Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s team of scientific and athletic experts have assembled a powerful roster of more than a dozen products that are designed for consumers who take a holistic approach to their fitness program. A new product in the YOR Health line is YOR Super Slim, which includes a patented blend of Hydroxycitric Acid, green coffee bean and green tea to help boost metabolism and manage weight. Dennis Wong and YOR Health have forged ahead with a scientific advisory board to ensure that all products fall in line with FDA approval and the company vision. Other staples of the YOR Health line include YOR MRP (vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants), YOR Complete Burn (caffeine, garcinia cambogia, Advantra Z, green tea), YOR Berry Blast (19 fruits and berries, enzyme activation system), YOR Repair, YOR Muscle Energy and YOR Probiotics Ultra.

Weight Management

  • YOR MRP Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s team of researchers have developed YOR MRP to assist consumers with their weight loss goals. YOR MRP is a shake mix and is available in vanilla or chocolate.
  • YOR CompleteBurn – A supplement engineered to support the needs of individuals seeking to lose weight. YOR CompleteBurn’s key ingredients include garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green tea, and the company’s proprietary ingredient Advantra Z.
  • YOR SuperSlim – YOR SuperSlim works to help the body feel satisfied, thus reducing unneeded cravings and empty calorie intake. YOR SuperSlim features ingredients such as hydroxylcitric acid (HCA) that may help trigger weight loss.

Energy and fitness

  • YOR Berry Blast– An innovative blend of over a dozen fruits and berries. Formulated with YOR Health’s metabolic enzyme activation system, YOR Berry Blast is a favorite of Dennis Wong. YOR Health notes that this product provides sustained energy.
  • YOR Repair – YOR Repair works to assist muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.
  • YOR Repair Ultra – A uniquely formulated blend of enzymes that stimulates the body’s natural healing ability. YOR Ultra Repair is formulated to support detoxification, a healthy immune system, and aid in cardiac health.IMG_3614_resize
  • YOR Muscle Energy – According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health would not be complete without a product that delivers much needed fuel to muscles. YOR Muscle Energy helps to replenish the carbohydrates found naturally in muscle tissue to ensure stamina in the gym.


  • YOR Essential Vitamins – A complete multivitamin that features 100 mg of coenzyme Q 10, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and green super foods.
  • YOR SuperGreens – YOR SuperGreens promote a feeling of health inside and out, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health has formulated this supplement to provide active cultures from fruit and vegetable extracts, herbal sources, and grass juices.

Digestive health

  • YOR Fiber Plus – YOR Fiber Plus features pure and natural fibers to help regulate the digestive system. It is easy to mix and has a sweet but subtle taste.
  • YOR Digest Ultra – YOR Digest Ultra helps digest food to create a healthy gut. It supports normal blood sugar levels and speeds fat metabolism. It is highly concentrated and formulated using the YOR Nutritional Delivery System.
  • YOR Probiotics Ultra – Probiotics work within the digestive system to create a sustainable environment for healthy bacteria. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Probiotics Ultra is a ground-breaking product and guarantees maximum results.

YOR Best Body

YOR Health hosts regular 8-week long body challenges for customers to showcase their progress and achievements. Each 8-week cycle, 12 individuals are awarded prizes in the form of YOR Health product credit. Challengers are invited to post before and after photos which are voted on by other YOR Health customers and Independent Representatives (IRs). Challengers may showcase either their muscle sculpting or weight loss progress and competitions are separated into men’s and women’s divisions. Winners are determined based on their provided photographs, a written testimonial about YOR Health products, and how well they fare in community about, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health requires that participants are at least 18 years of age and be actively enrolled as a YOR Health customer or IR.

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