Damon Styles

A valued co-founder and partner of Nevada-based Global Consulting, entrepreneur and business leader Damon Styles owns more than a quarter century of experience in the real estate market. In his illustrious career, Damon Styles has successfully met and exceeded a number of goals in a wide range of industries such as direct sales, business communications and mergers & acquisitions.

Founded by Damon Styles and his long-time business partners, Global Consulting has established itself as the top-tier professional resource for building strategic partnerships to achieve expansion and growth in multiple international and American countries.

Damon Styles and his partners at Global Consulting, LLC are experienced top-level executives representing various established relationships that include investors, clients, partners, financiers and associates in communications, healthcare, accounting, real estate, network marketing and banking. An inspired and enthusiastic leader with multiple areas of expertise, Damon Styles helps clients achieve their personal and professional dreams.

Damon Styles grew up in rural Minnesota in a small trailer house, where he and his family received welfare. The support of his grandmother and mother gave him the encouragement necessary to rise above his status. Grateful for his humble roots, Damon Styles performs mission work throughout the world with his family. In recent years, he has traveled to Mexico, France, the Philippines and several other nations to provide food, shelter, clothing and other necessities for those less fortunate. By following his example, his children have continued to pursue charitable efforts on an independent basis.

While matriculating at the University of Minnesota, young Damon Styles first began assembling the necessary building blocks for his career. As a star linebacker with the University of Minnesota Gophers football team, he had the rare opportunity to play under legendary head coach and broadcasting announcer Lou Holtz. Damon Styles believes that his four years working with the Hall of Fame member gave him a tremendous sense of purpose that continues to lead him through his business and real estate endeavors.

In addition to his stint on the gridiron, Damon Styles competed regularly in power lifting competitions nationally and internationally. A testament to his hard work and dedication, Damon Styles was featured in Sport’s Illustrated “Faces in the Crowd” and earned second place in the US National Powerlifting Competition his senior year in college with a combined dead-lift, squat and bench press total of 2,010 pounds, enabling membership in the extremely exclusive and prestigious 2,000-club.


After the completion of his demanding coursework and with new diploma in hand, Damon Styles formed two real estate companies that were destined to become mega-sized, concentrating on his chosen specialties of commercial real estate and real estate land development.

Now currently serving as a trusted counsel to several multi national businesses and organizations, Damon Styles takes great pride in consulting with clients and solving their issues in a practical and effective manner. Damon Styles and his partners connect principals and CEOs in beneficial partnerships that empower clients to explode revenue within their business endeavors.

A highly driven and determined professional, Damon Styles is the owner of numerous businesses. Over the last decade, Damon Styles has acquired a significant amount of property throughout the U.S.; has substantial holdings in the home health care and assisted living and is extremely active in Oil & Gas. International supply and logistics, retail, nutraceuticals, direct sales and mining are also active business interests. .

As a welcome respite from his ongoing professional duties, Damon Styles spends the early moments of the day with his wife reading their favorite passages from the family Bible after the children leave for school. During these quiet times of reflection and rejuvenation, Damon Styles has the special opportunity to outline his priorities for the great benefit of all his family members, close friends and colleagues. From the perspective of Damon Styles, these precious mornings are a perfect time to step away from the challenging world of real estate.

When he’s away from the office, Damon Styles can be seen cheering at local sporting events. As a loyal and dedicated father of six, he strongly encourages all of his kids to engage in athletic events as a way to understand the importance of teamwork and respect. Off the playing field, Damon Styles and his highly active family enjoy outdoors activities such as four-wheeling, camping, hiking, hunting, boating and horseback riding. For Damon Styles, creating a warm and welcoming environment at home is the first step towards helping the next generation.

Damon Styles looks forward to the next phase of his life, which will include a variety of exciting new projects across a breadth of commerce. Although he anticipates a number of difficulties and challenges in today’s economy, he leans on his faith and his family to overcome every obstacle lying in his path.

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