Brenda Lee Reed

Brenda Lee Reed
Born: Brenda Lee Reed
Date of Birth: August 16th, 1960
Current Residence: Lascassas, TN USA
Nationality: American
Website: Brenda Lee Reed

Brenda Lee Reed (b. August 16, 1960) resides in Lascassas, Tennessee. She is the president and CEO of Genesis Healing Center, located in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Brenda Lee Reed is a certified life coach and has devoted more than 15 years of her career to nutrition and holistic healing practices. When Brenda Lee Reed lost her father to esophageal cancer in 1999, Brenda Lee Reed dedicated herself to helping cancer patients. As it turned out, Brenda Lee Reed became a cancer survivor herself, adding to her overall understanding of cancer, the needs of cancer patients, and the importance of holistic approaches to healing and dealing with the disease. Brenda Lee Reed offers a unique perspective on providing and promoting wellness and healing strategies that have helped her fight cancer and cope with the experience. Brenda Lee Reed has traveled across the globe to improve her understanding and use of holistic healing methods for the benefit of her wellness center guests.

A hallmark of Brenda Lee Reed coaching is that of spiritual faith. A strong faith has brought Brenda Lee Reed and many of her patients the support and relief required to persevere in times of physical weakness. Brenda Lee Reed views faith as a springboard to wellness and a means for taking control of a seemingly uncontrollable situation. Brenda Lee Reed is a devoted mother to five children and counts herself blessed to have found holistic measures to make her own life so rewarding and vital.


Brenda Lee Reed has more than 15 years of experience in holistic and natural healing methodologies. Brenda Lee Reed’s extensive training has provided her with skills to help patients fighting cancer and other diseases and addictions. Brenda Lee Reed studied diet and nutrition at Norfolk Medical School in Virginia.

In subsequent years, Brenda Lee Reed went on to gain extensive experience from some of the most renowned healing centers around the world. At the Free Sacred Trinity Church in California, Brenda Lee Reed participated in a healing mission offered by the Optimum Health Institute. Brenda Lee Reed’s travels then took her south to Florida where she attended the Hippocrates Institute, which teaches the value of eating a raw, plant-based diet for healing and wellness. At the Institute, Brenda Lee Reed learned not only about this special diet, but also how to share this information with others who are healing, coupled with individualized therapies.

To immerse herself in the teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrates Institute, Brenda Lee Reed traveled to Puerto Rico. While at the Ann Wigmore Institute, Brenda Lee Reed had the opportunity to immerse herself in the specialized diet prescribed by Dr. Wigmore and utilized by so many natural healers throughout the world. Expanding her expertise ever further, Brenda Lee Reed participated in a residential learning program at Mexico’s Oasis of Hope Hospital, dedicated to alternative medicine as a means for treating common cancers and aiding those who have survived cancer.

As president and CEO of Genesis Healing Center in Rutherford County, Brenda Lee Reed utilizes the vast array of holistic healing practices she has mastered for the benefit of so many in need of healing in Tennessee. Brenda Lee Reed understands the complexities and fragility that comes with a cancer diagnoses; she has lived it herself. Teaching others to change their lifestyles to improve their well-being is her life’s work. Brenda Lee Reed is passionate about helping individuals heal, often without invasive chemical or surgical procedures whenever possible

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