Name: BentleyForbes
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

BentleyForbes is a California-based real estate company that first emerged on the market in 1993. The company has acquired over $4 billion in properties throughout the past two decades. Serving as the epitome of real estate excellence, BentleyForbes has been instrumental in a number of commercial and residential transactions. The company and its highly esteemed group of executives have established key specialties in warehouse/industrial properties as well as Class-A office and retail properties. By carefully watching the latest industry trends, the team at BentleyForbes is prepared to tackle any project that comes their way.

BentleyForbes is proud to grow in relationships with corporate entities from coast to coast and around the world. These organizations include Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (Oakland, California), Ford Motor Company (Detroit, Michigan), Kuehne & Nagel (Schindellegi, Switzerland), the Scotts Company (Marysville, Ohio), Isuzu Motors (Tokyo, Japan), Medical Mutual of Ohio (Cleveland, Ohio), AmeriCredit (Fort Worth, Texas), the State of California and several others.

In recent years, BentleyForbes has experienced tremendous growth and success by staying close to its core values. The diversification of the company’s immense portfolio has extended into the field of luxury hotel and resort properties. All BentleyForbes transactions are consistent with the company’s long-term brand. Understanding that Class A assets require a unique level of attention, BentleyForbes has assembled a group of industry experts who are knowledgeable in the trends and nuances of the hotel and resort asset classes.

The management team of BentleyForbes has leveraged the experience and expertise of sector specialists and analysts who have accentuated the core strengths of the company’s portfolio. For the benefit of BentleyForbes, these legal professionals and capital markets experts bring long-term relationships and considerable cash reserves to improve the company’s operations. The BentleyForbes founders are proud to tap into this knowledge and experience. A deep understanding of the hospitality and real estate sectors has helped to shape the company’s investment strategies.

Company Overview

In all activities, BentleyForbes puts forth a positive outlook that serves as an encouraging sign that clients have made the right choice. With one eye on the horizon, the company’s founders have established a sturdy foundation that remains in place regardless of the twists and turns of today’s challenging economy. BentleyForbes recognizes the considerable impact of legislative and financial issues affecting American and international businesses, and the company has devoted time and talents to overcoming these roadblocks and blazing new trails.

The founders of BentleyForbes hope to apply their vast knowledge in steering the company’s interest in acquiring and developing resort and hotel assets and developing an internal program for managing and owning these assets. BentleyForbes has partnered with private equity and institutional investors with a specific interest in owning and acquiring premium quality assets in the hospitality sector. BentleyForbes has also strengthened its foothold in the marketplace by collecting a wealth of knowledge in SEC regulations, investment strategies, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, capital markets and financial strategy.

With hospitality as a targeted asset class in the BentleyForbes repertoire, the company is in a prime position to improve its standing and increase opportunities. The confidence gained by many successful transactions has only driven BentleyForbes towards greater goals. As BentleyForbes continues to pursue top-of-the-line signature properties throughout the United States, the chief focus will remain on resort destination communities, as well as major MSAs such as Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; San Francisco, California and more.

BentleyForbes is staffed by skilled industry experts and powerful executives who possess keen insights into the areas of investment banking, accounting and finance, real estate, due diligence, law and much more. By constantly tweaking its internal structure to meet the needs of the American public, BentleyForbes has been a champion for all clients. An executive committee works tirelessly to create and maintain core strategies and investment activities under the leadership of the company’s founders

In addition to these professional pursuits, the BentleyForbes team is actively involved in a variety of philanthropic causes that serve the local and national communities. Examples include Westside Community Church, California Baptist University, The Institute for Social and Economic Policy in the Middle East, the John Wayne Cancer Institute, The Dove Foundation, and the Boy Scouts of America.

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