American Coatings, Inc.

Name: American Coatings, Inc.
Location: Nashville, TN
Founded: 1984

American Coatings is a privately held commercial painting and remodeling company located in Nashville Tennessee. The company specializes in multi-family apartment coatings, high-rise properties, window replacement, and large-scale carpentry.

To-date, American Coatings has completed more than 175,000 apartment refurbishing projects within 26 states. The company maintains long-term relationships with countless regional and national property management firms. American Coating’s team of skilled professionals and craftsmen have done so by consistently delivering quality work at competitive prices and unmatched expertise. American Coatings also provides commercial painting for storage and warehouse facilities as well as large scale retail spaces. Additionally, the Middle-Tennessee-based firm offers consulting services to a wide variety of vendors and clients.

The multi-state business was built on a simple promise: to meet or exceed client expectations every time. When the company launched 35 years ago, founder Benjamin Carswell crafted a strategy for American Coatings, Inc. that focuses on three principles: a high level of professional skill, integrity, and transparency. Clients have come to expect this straightforward approach. In an industry that has new companies constantly flooding and then rapidly exiting the market, American Coatings has withstood the test of time and maintained client loyalty and confidence.


American Coatings was founded in 1984 by Benjamin Carswell. At the time, Nashville was positioned for explosive growth, and American Coatings has helped breathe life back into many of the city’s once-faded areas. The company quickly spread to outlying areas in a strategic move to capitalize on this growth. As demand continued to rise, so too did the company’s territory. Today, American Coatings’ projects can be found from Florida to Michigan and as far west as Arizona.


American Coatings offers a lineup of commercial interior and exterior remodeling services to corporate clients. These include:

  • Multi-unit apartment coatings. American Coatings works within each property manager or HOA’s timeframe and budget to restore and rejuvenate apartments and condominiums. It provides interior and exterior painting along with repairs needed to complete each job.
  • Window replacement. Window replacement is a task that requires precision, attention to detail, and exceptional workmanship. American Coatings sources windows from nationally-recognized manufacturers including Anderson and MI to ensure the functionality and longevity of each installation. American Coatings can install wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass windows in commercial and multi-housing residential units.
  • Carpentry. Carpentry services include replacing damaged wood on roof decks, repairing exterior surfaces, such as the fascia or soffit, and making adjustments necessary to ensure repairs and upgrades are installed and built to code.

Executive Team

American Coatings is known for seeking out and placing industry experts into its key positions. The executive leadership team is comprised of Benjamin Carswell, Teresa Jeffrey-Sager, and Michael Pressley.

Benjamin Carswell is the founder of American Coatings and currently serves as CEO. A hands-on leader, Carswell has actively instilled the values of professional integrity and transparency into each of his employees. Carswell is an active member of the community and has been involved with the Investment Advisory Committee of Oak Hill, Tennessee, and the Land Trust of Middle Tennessee. His frequently volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and serves as an Elder at the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville where he has been a member for more than two decades.

Michael Pressley is a retired USAF pilot and a 24-year veteran of the financial services industry. As Operations Manager, Pressley oversees day-to-day operations including management team building, customer satisfaction, quality, and efficiency.  

Teresa Jeffreys-Sager serves as the comptroller for American Coatings. She has 20 years of experience in corporate finance.

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