Welcome to Wikiland.net!

Wikiland.net is an online source of information about small to medium sized businesses, professionals, and organizations that have an impact on their community and economy. Wikiland.net seeks to balance the scales of online information availability for these companies, which have traditionally been overshadowed by large corporations.

Researchers can rely on Wikiland.net for data that is never edited by amateurs. Each subject is carefully investigated and details documented using verifiable and trustworthy information. Skilled editors constantly monitor and corroborate published material for accuracy and relevance, and check for conflicting details. If found, these discrepancies are addressed and noted as needed so readers may be armed with accurate information before hiring or investing in these businesses.

Unlike other biographical-style websites, Wikiland.net not only relies on the Web, but also on user-input to gather data. Wikiland.net confirms details through public records, respected media outlets, and direct contact with the wiki subject, if necessary.

Wikiland.net offers solid, factual information to readers across the Web. By monitoring what is posted, Wikiland.net can eliminate contaminated text due to alteration by competing businesses, personal attacks, or political agenda. A valuable tool for the purpose of due diligence, Wikiland.net is also useful for those interested in doing business with companies and individuals that have a positive impact on their respective communities.